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BOLLICOPPER Copper Composite Panels:

Bollicopper Copper Composite Panel is born in perfection, it not only embodies the nature of copper, noble with reliable texture, but also combines the features of composite panel which is plasticity and processing-friendly.
Bollicopper Copper Composite Panel is widely applicable for exterior wall facade, partition, ceiling and roofing system. Every single building use Bollicopper has one old classical story to be told.
Bollicopper copper composite panel provide more smooth surface effect as well as rigidty, while it’s much more environmentally-friendly than solid copper panels.
Bollicopper provides whole combination of curtain wall resolutions. Architect is free to use the natural red copper, which evolves from bright glossy red copper into dull matt patina. Or select the pre-weather patina surface to fix the appearance during the lifetime of copper composite panel.
Cu+ is registered brand name of International Copper Association, and it’s proved by EPA (U.S Environmental Protection Agency) for its antibacterial quality.
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