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Model:Product Properties

Product Properties of BOLLICOPPER? Copper composite panels:

Total Panel Thickness: 3mm-6mm standard, up to 15mm optional

Top Skin: copper skin (brass, patina etc) in 0.3mm or 0.5mm
Core: Mineral FR material

Bottom: copper skin (brass, patina etc) in 0.3mm or 0.5mm.  0.5mm or 0.7mm aluminium skin with primer coating optional.  


Size and Specifications (Copper)      
Overall Thickness Face Skin Bottom Skin Core Standard Width Optional Width Face Density
4mm 0.3mm Cu 0.3mm Cu FR 600mm,800mm 1000mm,1200mm 10.3kg/m2
4mm 0.3mm Cu 0.5mm Al FR 600mm,800mm 1000mm,1200mm 8.8kg/m2
4mm 0.5mm Cu 0.5mm Cu FR 990mm 1000mm,1200mm 13.4kg/m2
4mm 0.5mm Cu 0.7mm Al FR 990mm 1000mm,1200mm 10.6kg/m2

Compare to solid copper panel of same rigidity (4mm 0.5 copper over copper)    
Thickness Weight Cost
Bollicopper 4 13.4 1.5
Solid Copper 3.3 29.37 4

Please find more basic information of BOLLICOPPER? Copper Composite Panels here.

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