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BOLLISTEEL Stainless Steel Composite Panel:

Ever since invented and introduced one hundred years ago, improved and modified, stainless steel is famous for its modern trend with hi-tech feeling, had been widely apply for construction, transportation, navigation, aviation, military, and daily lives. In the end application, stainless sheet and coils application takes up 70% percentage. Whereas in constructional field, coils/sheet stainless steel covers 90% of end applications.  However, the ingredient of Cr and Ni in stainless steel is very expensive metal, which leads to the high raise pricing of stainless steel. And in practical application, we are not allowed to reduce the thickness of stainless steel coils or sheets so as not to decrease the mechanical property of application. The dilemma of cost and effect occurs to most applicators. Bollisteel Stainless Steel Composite Panel occurs to us at this right moment.
Bollisteel is basically stainless steel composite panel with top and back skin 0.3-0.4mm thick stainless steel sheets, laminating to a mineral FR core in middle, overall thickness 4-6mm. The adhesion of metal and mineral is under help of macromolecule film at nanometer level, in addition to the help of BOLLIYA high-tech continuous lamination line, the composite structure turns out to be integrated and solid.
Three major advantage of Bollisteel Stainless Steel Composite Panel are:
1) Attains great mechanical quality while reduce the cost greatly, 4mm composite stainless steel composite panel compete to 3mm solid stainless steel in this sense while the cost only half of which.
2) Stainless steel composite panel also attains Anti-crash quality with the help of mineral core layer especially during fabricating, installing or transporting. Last but least feature is in its major application-facade, the surface effect is much more smooth and in overall sense. Please revi
3)ew the project case of 3mm solid stainless panel comparing to 4mm Bollisteel stainless steel composite panel.
3mm Solid Stainless Steel Cladding effect (wavy, in-flat):
4mm Bollisteel Stainless Steel Composite Panel (Flat):
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