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BOLLIZINC  Titanium Zinc Composite Panels:

Made with a titanium-zinc alloy that’s stronger than common zinc, BOLLIZINC Titanium-zinc composite panel allows you to specify a pre-weathered zinc panel with the flatness and benefits of Ti-zinc composite panel. This innovative product ages naturally in the environment. It greatly expands the number of architectural applications where zinc fa?ades and accents can be used.
WHY Titanium Zinc Composite Panel?
1, Material of Eternity: Zinc is type of materials without time limit, it reveals both advanced appearance and classic aesthetic
2, Long Life-Expectancy: The Ti-Zinc Composite Panel skin has a lifetime expected to be 80-100 years, depending on environmental conditions and proper installation.
3, Self-healing: Pre-weathered Zinc will naturally develop a protective zinc carbonate layer as it ages. Scratches and imperfections seem to melt away as the zinc carbonate layer develops.
4, Easy Maintenance: Due to the protective zinc carbonate layer on the Ti-Zinc Composite Panel skin as it ages, there’s nearly no need for manual cleaning.
5, Compatibility: Ti-Zinc Composite Panel is compatible with many other materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, glass, stone, etc.
6, Natural Material: Zinc is a necessary element for human, animals and plants. The rain washed off the walls of zinc is safe to drink, and also can flow into ponds, rivers or the garden without any harm
7, Easy Installation and Lower cost: by making the titanium-zinc into a composite panel, we greatly simply the installation system and cost but on the other hand enhance the flatness of facade a lot.
Ti-Zinc Composite Panel combines the durability, long life, cost effectiveness, elegance, beautiful along with all other benefits of building wall material.
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